domingo, 9 de agosto de 2015

Luz de Luna Festival 2016- Lucia Zahara

Granada weekend April 9-10th 2016‏

Guest teacher: Lucia Zahara teaching Persian Dance

The dance of ancient Persia, known as the dance of love and inspired by mystical poetry.
The elegance of gestures of this dance belongs to the element of air with its weightless grace and delicacy of movement together with the fluid element of water which evokes sensations of a gentle breeze that caresses us, attracts us and pushes us into a fluid stream of profound feelings, an elegant and regal dance a noble soul to the touch.
These are Lucia Zahara's personal thoughts and experiences of Persian dance. A dance which preserves deep wisdom, which in the workshop we will also explore in journey for the body and soul.
Free spirit, nomadic by nature, she has spent the last 15 years rediscovering the creative wisdom contained within dance, on a journey that has taken her from Andalusia to Rajasthan, a journey which has inspired her profoundly in her art and life. She is currently based in Sicily and is the artistic director of the 'Bohemian Fest'. Lucia is a versatile dancer with a volcanic energy and is much in demand performing and teaching at festivals, artistic and cultural events around the globe, (Italy, Spain, Uk, Tunisia, Turkey, India, Korea, America, Greece, Malta...) Lucia brings with her a rich reportoire of dances that span from India to Spain, both traditional and innovative, based on her dance training of Romani (gypsy), Tribal dances of North Africa, Middle Eastern, Persian, Kathak, Flamenco and the Taranta traditions of Southern Italy. Lucia generously embraces sharing her expertise, to inspire other dancers to connect to to the vital energy force and to reach their inner

potential through dance. Always interested in pushing the boundaries and working towards keeping the ancient wisdom alive through all expressions of art. Her theatrical work has also been financed by the European Union, ('Anima Mediterranea' 2007 and 'La Dea si Rivela' 2008), other works include 'Romani trail a journey of duende', 'Il volo dei uccelli'... She dances in the Persian Company 'Simurgh' and with numerous world musical groups, has been on tour with ‘Ifriga’ a Tunisian Berber group, has collaborated with many international artists and was guest of honor at the televised ‘premio teleton 2007’. Lucia has also run children's theatre groups in Busan S.Korea 2001-2002; Has worked as a street fire artist in Italy, Uk, Spain and in Greece. Lucia also with her family have a unique little street artist drama company ' Compagnia dello Ionio' which they perform with dance and live music captivating audiences with there stories of wisdom where ever they go. Lucia is trained in yoga (India, Uk, Italy), Reiki (India) and has a degree in the arts (UK) and is member of the International Dance Council CID of UNESCO.

jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

Balance tallleres El Camino Rom

Fin de la primera parada. La caravana de "El Camino Rom" continúa su camino!!!

Una semana intensa con 4 talleres que nos han ayudado a descubrir el origen oriental del flamenco.
Lucia Zahara desde la fascinante Sicíla nos trajo dos talleres muy interesantes de la India:danza kalbelya y danza kathak.
Por mi parte traté de aclarar conceptos sobre la auténtica zambra y preparamos un trozo de un baile de su repertorio.

Lucia Zahara es de esas bailarinas y profesoras artistas 100%, auténtica. Cultiva su arte viviendo en plena naturaleza con su família también artistas. El fruto de sus enseñanzas proviene de sus viajes a las fuentes mismas de la danza. Sigue la línia de otras profesoras que tuve el placer de traer a España ya hace tiempo,como Simona Jovic, Melisdjane etc y que trabajan la danza desde su vertiente cultural y antropológica.
Como ese es mi trabajo también pues El Camino Rom fué de lo más agradable!!

Cabe destacar el buen hacer del personal de la Sala Maktub,dirigida por Isabel,que nos hizo pasar unos dias muy cómodas estando pendiente de todos los detalles.

Hasta pronto!!!