miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

Quiés es Sarah Malik?

Quién es Sarah Malik, nuestra profesora invitada para este festival?
Aquí os lo explicamos en inglés, en que pueda os pongo
la traducción....

 Sarah Malik is an international belly dance performer, teacher and founder of Arabic Night in London. Sarah is often found performing alongside fellow Moroccan Musicians and is a tremendous ambassador of her country and culture

Sarah Malik is one of few London based performers who genuinely has belly dance in her blood.  As a native Arabic speaker Sarah’s musical interpretation is second to none- and she dance with genuine appreciation and feeling for the lyrics and rhythms of her chosen song.

She has been performing at home and abroad while as teaching a workshop with such an excellent feedback. Whatever your occasion is, she is committed to bring an original spirit of Morocco- homeland to your event. Sarah Malik specialized in Moroccan and Middle Estern Dance.
Also she is been studying Egyptian dance with Randa Kamel, Khaleed Mahmoud, Sara Farouk, Jellina, Tito and many more.

Moroccan Dance has been the least influenced by the Western culture. It has kept its authenticity and original connection to the roots, reaching us from the depth of the centuries. Born in Larache, Morocco, Sarah Malik has been studying Maghribi dance since a very young age. As a Berber descendant, she was mastering her dancing skills naturally through Moroccan tradition and culture.

It is now your chance to get the authentic knowledge of this Ancient dance from the original source.

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